Webcam Yealink UVC20 Desktop USB

Camera Yealink UVC20 Desktop USB

מאפיינים עיקריים

  • 1080p Full HD quality.
  • Ultra HD audio.
  • Automatic orientation and intelligent adjustment.
  • Integrated omnidirectional microphone.
  • Easy to use and fast setup.
  • Lens protection cap.
Yealink UVC20 is an extremely powerful FHD USB camera line, with 5 mega-pixel Full HD glass.
In addition, advanced features such as omnidirectional microphone, smart light, auto-focus, and omnidirectional lens are also added.
These features ensure the perfect and sharpest picture quality in any environment.
In particular, UVC20 is compatible with most of today's video conferencing software and applications.
Allows you to organize meetings quickly.
Yealink UVC20 provides a great video experience, supports effective remote work.
There are also some cases such as opening meetings, online learning, training, live streaming or private online medical health checkup.

Smooth video, premium experience UVC20 ensures a smooth, clear conversation with premium video and audio quality. Full HD 5,000,000 pixel lens delivers 1080p HD (1080p30, 720p30) quality. Integrated omnidirectional microphone supports accurate voice capture up to 180 degrees and 4.9 feet, for clear conversations.

YEALINK ISRAEL | ארגוקום בע"מ
כתובת: משה שפירא 16, א.ת.ח ראשון לציון
טל': 03-9514440
פקס: 03-9520660

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